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Linking Japan and the United States Through Educational Exchange since 1963




Our History

Established in 1963, Japan Study is one of the oldest and most comprehensive programs in educational exchange and development linking colleges and universities in the United States and Japan. Based at Earlham College, Japan Study links member colleges of the Great Lakes Colleges Association, Inc. and the Associated Colleges of the Midwest with those of Waseda University in Japan. These colleges and universities are recognized as among the leading educational institutions in their respective societies. Waseda University has about 45,000 students; the combined student body of students who attend GLCA and ACM member institutions is about 42,500. Japan Study has made important contributions toward fostering the growth of international and intercultural understanding among a significant number of Japanese and American students and faculty. Participants have gone on to distinguished careers in academics, industry, and governmental and non-governmental organizations. They play important roles in a wide range of settings linking Japan, the United States, and the rest of the world.

Becoming Resident Director

Each year one GLCA/ACM faculty member (Japan specialists and non-specialists) spends the year at Waseda with 30-40 students. Under an agreement between consortial colleges and Japan Study, faculty members typically receive all of their benefits from their home university for this year of professional development. It is considered a year of teaching rather than a sabbatical year. Past RD’s include tenured and tenure-track faculty from all ranks.

Deadline is April 30th, 16 months prior to the beginning of the position.

Interested GLCA/ACM faculty members should contact:
Gary DeCoker
Director, Japan Study
Earlham College / 765-983-1890 / fax 765-983-1798

Japan Study Advisory Committee

Current Advisory Committee Members

Chris Welna, President, ACM
Heather Herriges, Program Associate, ACM
Rick Detweiler, President, GLCA
Joyce Budai, Senior Program Officer, GLCA
Gilberto Gomez, Wabash College, outgoing Resident Director
Dyron Dabney, Albion College, incoming Resident Director
Carolyn Enns, Cornell College, ACM, year 3
David McConnell, The College of Wooster, GLCA, year 3
Noboru Tomonari, Carleton College, ACM, year 2
Jim Peoples, Ohio Wesleyan University, GLCA, year 2
Satoko Suzuki, Macalester College, ACM, year 1
Hiroko Chiba, DePauw University, GLCA, year 1
Gary DeCoker, Director, Japan Study, Earlham College
TBA, Program Associate, Japan Study, Earlham College

Recent Advisory Committee Members

Bruce Dalgaard, St. Olaf College, ACM, 2007-10
Ann Sherif, Oberlin College, GLCA, 2007-10
Ed Gilday, Grinnell College, ACM, 2001-02; 2006-09
Michael Tangeman, Denison University, GLCA, 2006-09
David Nordman, Coe College, ACM, 2005-08
Dyron Dabney, Albion College, GLCA, 2005-08
Joseph Adler, Kenyon College, 2004-07
Michael Schneider, Knox College,1996-1999; 2003-2006
Joan Ericson, Colorado College,2004-07
Elizabeth Hayford, ACM, 1981-2006
Kay Widdows, Wabash College, 2000 - 2006
Phyllis Larson, St. Olaf College, 1997-2003; 2004-05
Suzanne Gay, Oberlin College, 2003-05
Katie Sparling, Carleton College, 2001-04
Rose Bundy, Kalamazoo College, 2001-04
Dirck Vorenkamp, Lawrence University, 2002-03
Gary DeCoker, Ohio Wesleyan University, 2000-03
Paul Watt, DePauw University, 2000-02
Yi-Li, Wu, Albion College, 1998-2001
Carolyn Enns, Cornell College, 2000-01
Sarah Pradt, Macalester College, 2000-01
Peter Bankart, Wabash College, 1997-2000
Bob Drexler, Coe College, 1997-98
David McConnell, College of Wooster, 1995-98

Recent Resident Directors

Resident Directors participate on the Advisory Committee during the years before and after their RD year.

Dyron Dabney, Albion College, 2011-12
David Nordman, Coe College, 2010-11
Gilberto Gomez, Wabash College, 2009-10
Paul Watt, DePauw University, 2008-09
Don Capener, Monmouth College, 2007-08
Carolyn Enns, Cornell College, 2006-07
Karen Gourd, Knox College, 2005-06
Thomas Campbell, Wabash College, 2004-05
Akiko Kakutani, Earlham College, 2003-04
Rob LaFleur, Beloit College, 2002-03
Joan Ericson, Colorado College, 2001-02
Michael Flynn, Carleton College, 2000-01
Kay Widdows, Wabash College, 1999-2000
Michael Schneider, Knox College, 1998-99
Bruce Dalgaard, St. Olaf College, 1997-98
Joseph Adler, Kenyon College, 1996-97