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Application & Fees

Deadline:  January 1st

First, create an account and fill out the on-line portion of the application. To access your application packet, you must submit your on-line information first, and then application packet in pdf format will appear with essay questions, reference forms and further instructions. Print this pdf and follow all instructions. All items in the application packet are due by the deadline .

All students enrolled in American colleges and universities are eligible to apply. Preference is given to qualified applicants from GLCA and ACM colleges. Selection is competitive. A minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale is required. Acceptance in the program is contingent on completion of at least one semester or term of Japanese Language study prior to departure and on approval of the School of International Liberal Studies at Waseda University.

Program Fees, 2012-13

Academic Year
$43,250 ($34,600 + $8,650) - (tuition + room & board)

Fall Semester
$24,000 ($19,200 + $4,800) - (tuition + room & board)

Fall Semester / Cultural Practicum
$27,750 ($22,200 + $5,550) -(tuition + room & board)

Intensive Language / Spring Semester
$26,750 ($21,400 + $5,350) - (tuition + room & board)

Fees for 2013-14 will be available February 2013.

The program fees cover the cost of the orientation session, room, partial board (breakfast and dinner with the host family), commuting expenses in Tokyo, Waseda University tuition, the cultural practicum, and administrative costs. A deposit of $500 is due upon acceptance and should be paid directly to the Japan Study Office. This deposit is applied to the program fee. ACM students will be billed an additional fee of approximately $10/week for ACM-mandated travel health insurance coverage. Please contact ACM for the most current rate information.

Students are responsible for roundtrip airfare, national health insurance (about $25/month), lunches, books, and personal expenses. Recent participants have budgeted $400-$500 each month for these expenses. Many students work part-time in Tokyo--teaching English or working in local shops--to offset such expenses. After departure from the United States, no part of the program fee expended on a student's behalf is refundable.

Scholarship opportunities
The Japan Study office at Earlham College will provide participants with information about Japanese government scholarship programs after acceptance. These applications (for full-year students only) must be submitted after students are accepted to Japan Study. Other scholarship opportunities are listed on a separate Japan Study web page:

Click Here for Infomation on Scholarships