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Program Calendar and Credits

Club Recruiting Day at Waseda

Japan Study students enroll in Japanese-language courses. In addtion, they take academic courses taught in English with Japanese and other international students. Most students choose courses on Japan and Asia, but courses in the sciences, math, and other disciplines are also available. Although Japan Study encourages students to enroll in the full-year program, semester options are available for students who cannot spend a year away from their home campus.

Credits vary, but students successfully completing the orientation session and the minimum number of courses required at Waseda during a semester or academic year typically transfer the full equivalent of credit to their home institutions. Students should consult the campus program or off-campus studies officer for details on their college’s credit transfer policies.

Each semester, Japan Study students enroll in 6 semester hours of language courses. Based on their placement examination, most students are enrolled in a 6 credit Japanese language course. Two non-language electives (total of 8 semester hours) are required; one additional course per semester (2 or 4 credits) may be taken for credit. The recommended number of credits each semester is 16 to 18. Japan Study also issues one semester credit for the orientation and one for the cultural practicum. For information about SILS courses, see the “Courses & Activities” section of this web site.

The transcript of record is from Earlham College. Credits and grades are based on the Waseda transcript. The orientation and cultural practicum credits (awarded pass/fail) appear only on the Earlham transcript. The Earlham transcript along with the Waseda transcript is mailed from the Japan Study office at Earlham in late August or early September. Students who need verification of program completion or who have questions regarding the transcripts should contact the Director of Japan Study at Earlham.

Intensive Language + Spring Semester Program
Students in this program will arrive in Tokyo in late February and take an intensive language course for 5 weeks. Then they will enroll in Waseda's spring semester from early April to the end of July.

late February to late July, 2011; 5 months
Intensive language course: 6 weeks (Monday through Thursday classes; Friday field trips in the Tokyo area).
Break: Late March/early April (about 10 days)
Spring Semester at Waseda: Early April to the end of July.

Credits (semester hours)
Intensive language Course: 3 credits.
Spring Semester at Waseda: 13 - 16 (6 credits of language and 2 or 3 additional courses related to Japan/Asia for 8 - 10 credits)
Total credits: 16 - 19 semester hours

Tentative Calendar

  • Full Year: mid-September to late July

  • Fall Semester: mid-September to early February

  • Fall Semester with Cultural Practicum: mid-September to mid-March 

  • Intensive Language + Spring Semester: mid to late February to late July